8/52 – Alec

Yes my friends, I took some time off. I like to think it has been for good reason, and I’m not prepared to promise it won’t happen again.

Firstly, I’m recording an album. I went to London in February with an EP in mind, maybe 7 or so tracks produced and engineered by my brother Jeff. The chemistry and enthuasiasm in the studio was enough to balloon that EP into an album, and at this point there are 16 tracks at the factory floor. We realized that time was against us, so I started making phone calls back to Windsor to make sure that the album could be finished after I left London. I was in London for 8 days, completely approximately 2/3rds of the album myself, and then took it home for overdubbing. This has proven to be quite a headache, and has sufficiently taken my priority attention from school and, of course, from the blog.

Secondly, my grandfather died. He’d lived to see 7 great-grandchildren. Papa was 88 years old and no less clever for it, just less breathe to show it. I hope someday to live up to his integrity. He was adopted, no record of his birth exists, although he thinks it’s likely he was born somewhere in Hamilton, where he was raised. When he was a teenager, Papa was told by his adoptive parents that his birth parents had gotten in touch, and they wanted to meet him. He was not interested.

When my grandma Evelyn had to move into a home some years ago, he moved into the same home despite still having his health. They’d been living together for 60 years and it wasn’t long enough. I was visiting him regularly over recent months – as the writer in the family I wanted to get his story. The night after he dug into the 40s with remarkable detail, telling of how the Harrisons ended up in Essex County, he forgot to take his pills for the first time. I was concerned that I was exhausting him, and the visits became more casual. I didn’t learn enough, but I have written this tune about him. I recorded it ‘live’ with two mics and Papa’s harmonica around my neck, which I inherited three weeks ago. I’ve never tried to play the harmonica before, but it seemed appropriate.


Alec & Evelyn

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One thought on “8/52 – Alec

  1. Renee

    I just cried a little. I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. Good luck on the album.

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