12/52 – Stairs

Found these stairs behind the house, found these stairs
They might not go anywhere
I did see by the red and green lights, stop and go
When I leave no one will know
I will drive this old cab, right out of town
No guess where I might be found
Leave my pain in the old moonshine, leave my pain
Where I’ll drink it down again
When I go to the promise land, I will go
I won’t see anyone I know
And every street that I may walk down
Will seem to me like a breeding ground
And every passenger in the back of the cab
They look the same
Found these stairs behind the house, found these stairs
They don’t go anywhere

The narrator of this song is a cab driver who sees a stairway to nowhere and instantly realizes he hates his life. These are his thoughts as he contemplates that stairway.

This is possibly the biggest session I’ve worked on… “The Lie” (2/52) and “The Fox” (9/52) were both pretty complex, the first one because I experimented with drum loops and tape recorders. The Fox and the Farmer, on the other hand, had nearly every instrument recorded in a different room, which meant transporting my mobile-studio unnecessarily frequently. Both of those songs also received the benefit of more mixing hours than I typically put in.

“Stairs” (not to be confused with Stairwell, another song of mine) is the first time I’ve had to fill my digital recorder twice. With the stereo pre-mix that works out to 14 tracks, which isn’t a lot for pros, but was intimidating for me. Five percussion, three voice, two acoustic guitar (stereo), plus electric guitar, bass, mandolin, and tin whistle. If I hadn’t left my accordion in Windsor that would’ve shown it’s face as well.


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