New Year

Happy that.

Being a new year, I’ve officially failed my attempt to write and record a song for every week of 2010. 17/52 is a sorry success rate of about 32%. I’ll likely post more songs in the future, but for now I’ll relish in not having to stick to the originally rule set. The first way to do that is to post something which isn’t a song.

Let’s rationalize for a minute. The blog was far from the only place I made music this year.
I recorded 17 songs for the blog
I recorded 16 songs with my brother Jeff in London at Fanshawe Studios
I recorded two songs in August with Lakes of Canada, drummer Kevin Crook and engineer David Kunstadder at DNA Creations
Sure, that’s still only 35 songs, but I recorded at least a dozen demos as well. I still plan to flesh out the best of those demos and post them here.

I wrote quite a bit of music in December, but only recorded five songs, mostly because I was interrupted by the holidays. I only posted four of the five because I had a problem similar to when I first recorded A Box of Matches (#14). I wasn’t happy with the recording but I didn’t know how to fix it. A Box of Matches was originally recorded in June and didn’t get re-recorded until December, so I don’t know when I’ll end up recording this one.

To give myself credit, I think I did pretty good considering that I lived in three different places for each four-month block of 2010. The first nine songs (Wait through The Fox and the Farmer) were recorded at my family home in Harrow ON, in a great carpeted room with funky, not-flat walls. My brother, who was living in London, had no room at his apartment for his drum set, so I had the opportunity to play sloppy, passable drums in this most productive third of the year.

It’s a bit strange that I recorded more songs in this period than in the other two combined. This was the same time of year that I was a full-time student, was editing a novel, and was recording an albums-worth of songs with my brother, which involved driving to London and back every other weekend.

Then at the beginning of May I moved to Montreal, leaving behind the drums but little else. I set up a little studio in the already-cramped laundry room, because it sounded nicer in there than any other room. In there I recorded the next four songs, starting with #10 – Darkroom. There was a magic to that room, resulting in some pretty moody stuff I’m very proud of.

Then I moved again, set up a nice comfortable, intuitively-designed recording room, and completely neglected it.

’til next time,


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