Thunder Bishop

Some time in the summer of 2004, I was asked to play bass in a band. I had been asked that numerous times before and have been asked that numerous times since, but I soon discovered that this particular band was special.

Thunder Bishop.

Thunder Bishop is a mostly-instrumental regressive rock band comprised of Eric Billingsley (drums), Joe Greaves (keyboards) and myself. The music is challenging, overwhelming, and unique. We strip away everything that makes people comfortable – lyrics, choruses, guitars, stability, predictability, metronomic accuracy, dynamic range compression – and leave the listener confused and afraid. Between our formation and July 14, 2005, we had 21 recording sessions, resulting in over 150 songs and nearly 10 hours of recorded music.

Since then we have been only sporadically active, because at no time since the summer of 2005 have the three of us lived in the same city. But now, with Joe and I living in Montreal and Eric living in Ottawa, we live closer to each other than ever before. We’ve decided to take advantage of the situation by accepting this RPM challenge: “Record an album in 28 days, just because you can.”

It’s a challenge not unlike the one that birthed this blog.

We’ve also released our debut EP, at long last, compiled from our recording session on July 14, 2005, which can be heard by clicking on the image below.

The Hello Bass EP captures Thunder Bishop pretty succinctly. The subdued jazz of Hello Sorbet gives way to the hyperactive rollercoaster of Oddtime (in 11/8 time) which falls to pieces as we all simultaneously and self-destructively attempt to out-solo each other. This is followed by post-punk The Jarsh Feszinszins Dance and the EP closes with ditty Morisette’s Lament.

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