20/52 – When They Ask

It’s June.

Today I performed a fantastic trick. Using only the side of my thigh, while my cellphone was in my pocket, I managed to call 911. When I heard the female french voice coming out of my pants, I was so surprised that I ended the call without explanation. I spent the next hour fretting about when the police would show up and if they would call my family to warn them that I may be in a life-threatening situation.

They never came, which I suppose is what I had hoped would happen, but it left me wondering what if I had actually been in peril? What if I had been tied up in the back of a van and I had secretly managed to dial 911 without my abductor’s knowledge? I would have been sorely disappointed at their failure to rescue me.

It’s a strange feeling, being disappointed when something that you hope doesn’t happen doesn’t happen.

So I wrote a song about it. Not really though, this song is not at all about that and this recording had been kicking around for a couple weeks while I have been washing old beer bottles.

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