22/52 – Wood

This is the first song written and recorded after moving to my new place a month ago, my fourth apartment in Montreal, and my fourth apartment with a shitty shower. To get the temperature right, I have to turn the cold water as high as it can go, then turn the hot a water about three millimeters. Any higher than that it would burn, and any lower than that it wouldn’t even be on. At my last place the shower was squeezed beneath a stairway so that it was shaped like a right triangle, with the highest point still too low to comfortably stand. Before that, my shower was in one of those tubs that stands on four feet, but the feet were uneven, so it would rock back and forth while I was in there. Finally, at my first place, where I lived several years ago, the water pressure was so low that it felt like someone was peeing on my head (don’t ask me how I know that). The point is, if you come to Montreal, take a bath.

This song, called “Wood,” is inspired by the idea that “If you didn’t know the history, you’d never guess it,” such as in contemporary Lithuania or in Northern Ireland, places that are full of ghosts, both figuratively and literally. The first part of the song is about the little clues you find lying about the place, little puzzle pieces, remnants of things which are no longer there. The second part is about the idea of moving on, of letting the ghosts leave. Not that I would know what it’s like, living in a place with such pressures and allegiances to history.

People say there’s a stigma about being an Anglophone in Montreal, especially one who doesn’t feel obliged to speak French (oh mon dieu!), but that’s nothing. What makes Montreal so unique among North American cities is that everyone speaks their own languages proudly. The English/French divide is a myth. Hebrew and Italian, among others, are just as much languages of this city as French and English. If the rest of the province wants to feel offended by this, rather than proud of it, that’s their problem.

By the way, check out the new page The Dregs, which includes a couple of our tunes!

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2 thoughts on “22/52 – Wood

  1. Rob Tulk

    im struck, derek your song writing is brilliant. the lyrics are incredible and i cant even figure out a good sentence to put on here (thanks mo)

    PS i hate how the music shuts off when i try to write a comment.

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