Regarding Black Kids, or Why America Really Does Suck

This is not a political blog, but…

One thing I hear a lot is a sentence that begins with “I’m not a political person, but…” and I have two problems with this.

  • If there actually is somebody out there who is not a political person, they’re either a genius or a moron. They would have to have absolutely no opinions whatsoever, no thoughts of their own. This goes way beyond Switzerland, this would be a truly remarkable personal achieve. Actually, now that I think about it, this is starting to sound a lot like middle America. They certainly don’t seem to have any thoughts of their own and all opinions they hold were taken from somebody else, probably Bill O’Reilly.
  • It’s a lot like saying “I’m not a racist, but…” – it just proves that you ARE one but you don’t know it. So I guess when I say “This is not a political blog, but…” it means it actually is one.

Now, to meander around some more in a general toward-my-point type of direction, in his book Why I Hate Canadians, Will Ferguson argued that the Canadian attitude towards America is unfounded, writing:

  • “At best, this in-bred anti-Americanism of ours is a survival technique. At worst, it is petulant and petty… For English Canadians, anti-Americanism renders the world into easy opposites. Unfortunately, it takes two to play, and the Americans don’t realize they are being cast as the Bogeyman of Canadian nationalism. Even worse, it is getting harder and harder to hate them, especially now that they have that big marshmallow in the White House havering away about bridges to the twenty-first century.”

I’ve got to give him some credit, because not only did he write this while Clinton was in office, but he also said havering, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a word. But the basic premise – that we don’t really have a reason to be anti-American – is wrong, and here’s why:

Geraldo Rivera, who as we all know is an utterly irrelevant human being, went on Fox News today and said “Well if you stop being such a nigger then white people will stop murdering you! Parents, I urge you, don’t let your kids go outside looking like niggers, because as much as it’s the killer’s fault their dead, it’s also because they’re a bunch of niggers!”

By the way Geraldo, it was raining. It’s just getting easier and easier to hate them.

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