Smog & Roses

Once upon a time, way back when I first challenged myself to produce a song every week in 2010, my brother and I also had an idea. It started out as a little EP called “Songs in G” but ballooned into something large and unwieldy but also very exciting. Starting in February 2010, at Fanshawe Studios in London Ontario, where my brother was living at the time, we put down the base tracks for 17 songs and instrumentals, and ultimately completed the recording of 15 of them by mid-April. Slowly over the course of more than a year, my concept of the sessions shrunk, little by little, back down into something very similar to my original idea of songs in the key of G (or G minor).

The Smog & Roses EP was ultimately manufactured just in time for The Dregs to go on their first short tour to Ontario. The tour was surprisingly successful. Half the shows were played as the familiar duo of Erika and I, while by the end of the tour my brother Jef, who produced the new EP, had become the drummer and completed our sound.

Smog & Roses, recorded before The Dregs came to be, is my first physical release of original music. For the moment, it is only available through me, 6 tracks for 5 dollars. Here’s a song from the EP, featuring Max Marshall on the stand-up bass:

To Be Sleeping

*Note: You can see The Dregs on Friday, September 23rd at Shaika Café in Montreal.
Event: The Dregs live at Shaika

Produced, recorded and mixed by Jef Harrison, February 2010 at Fanshawe Studios, London ON
Mastered by JP Nault at DNA Creations, Montreal QC
All songs written and performed by Derek Harrison (SOCAN) with:
Jef Harrison – Percussion
Monique Moisenko and Andy Robinet – Voice on tracks 1 and 2
Max Marshall – Bass on track 3
Illustration by Samantha Scafidi

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